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In this BuzzFeed video, Jewish kids conversed with Santa for the first time, and some serious hilarity took place.
Fortune cookies: entertainment or profound statements about life? It's probably both, but here are 13 times those fortunes speak to our souls.
Do you celebrate each day of your life? If not, here are a few reasons why you should.
To those women who like to tear other women down -- you need to read this.
Fitting in time to study the word can be difficult. But by doing these 5 things, that won't be the case.
On Monday's "Late Show," host Stephen Colbert spoke on what many considered "prayer shaming" after recent tragedies.
Supporters of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's siege forces have taken to social media to taunt civilians trapped in the town of Madaya.
The Futures Initiative at Tabah Foundation just recently surveyed millennial Muslims from across the world about how they feel about their religion.
Pope Francis rarely opts to meet with leaders in industry, but Friday, that'll be the case when he visits with Google's Eric Scmidt.
The Barna group just published its annual list of the most Bible-minded cities. Take a look and see where your state ranks.
A UNICEF report indicated 16.6 million babies were born in conflict zones this year. Here are more startling statistics compounded with that.
BBC News reported that artist Iain Campbell crafted a modern take on 'The Last Supper' featuring homeless men. Here's why.
Johnny Duckworth's money burdens make his life tough, but now he's the recipient of thousands in donations because of a kind act.
Extremist groups and the media paint a picture of Islam many Muslims feel doesn't accurately represent who they are.
On his deathbed, this billionaire dad gave his son advice you NEED to hear.
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