6 simple acts of service that will drive your wife wild

It doesn't have to be diamonds, chocolates and flowers. Sometimes an act of romance can be as simple as cleaning up after dinner. Here are some simple acts of service you can do to drive your wife wild!

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  • Wives are actually easier to please than most husbands think. It does not take a lot to drive her wild, and doesn't have to include money. The next time you go to buy her flowers, try doing one of these simple, yet thoughtful services instead.

  • 1. Clean something

  • Is your wife in charge of the household duties? Cleaning? Laundry? Making the bed? If so, do some of those chores for her. You don't have to clean the entire house, but doing the dishes or cleaning the bathroom will be a huge help. She will notice, and she will be extremely thankful.

  • 2. Do what she wants to do

  • When you go out with your wife, do you usually do things you both enjoy? Try doing something that she enjoys — and I don't mean just letting her pick the movie. Get a pedicure, or go shopping for some clothes — and don't complain about her being indecisive. This little service of letting her pick what you do together will show her how much you care. You are not just spending money on her, but your time as well. And time means so much more than money.

  • 3. Make dinner

  • Not only does dinner require work to prepare, serve and then clean up afterwards; it also requires thinking of something to make, which can sometimes be the hardest part. Every so often, let her know in advance not to worry about dinner. Come up with what to make, prepare it and clean up after it.

  • 4. Give her alone time

  • Sometimes a woman just needs some alone time. Whether she wants to take a bath, read a book or even catch up on her favorite TV show, the desire to do that without being interrupted by kids or feeling guilty about it is very real. Offer to take the kids for an afternoon and tell her to do whatever she wants to do. If she would rather spend time with you when you are home, arrange for a trusted babysitter to watch the kids.

  • 5. Talk to her

  • When was the last time you and your wife sat with each other and just talked? It seems like that is something that is more common when you are dating and before the kids start coming, but it is most likely something she enjoyed. Take the time to talk to her. Turn the TV and cell phones off, put the kids to bed and just spend the evening talking to each other. Talk about how far you've come as a couple, what dreams you've achieved and what dreams you are still working toward. Listen to the cute things your kids did during the day and tell your wife about something nice that happened to you at work. These moments are what can really connect you as a couple.

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  • 6. Compliment her

  • When was the last time you gave your wife a sincere compliment? Have you told her how beautiful she is or told her how much you appreciate all the work she does that she thinks you don't notice? Take the time to tell her these things — and tell her genuinely. Don't tell her something wonderful just to receive a compliment in return, or as a way to soften her up to do something you want to do. Give her compliments because you love her.

  • Almost all of these simple acts of service cost no money at all, yet they will drive your wife wild. When a woman feels appreciated, loved, secure and beautiful she is nicer, more loving and more relaxed — and when a woman is happy, the whole house is happy.

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