How to eat your kids' table scraps

Can't let those soggy crackers go to waste!

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  • If you find yourself eating soggy chicken nuggets and chewed up apple slices, chances are you are a parent of small children. You know how it feels when you realize that a little person has taken a sip of your drink and backwashed. Or the way a graham cracker tastes when it has been sucked on by a teething baby. Gone are the days of dining at fancy restuarants or simply eating anything that hasn't been previously touched, sucked on or chewed.

  • For all of you new parents, here are some tips for mastering the basics of table scrap eating. For all you old, wise and experienced parents, here is a video that will take you back to the good old days (or not so good old days) of crushed goldfish and mushed peas.

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