A girl with special needs gets a 'promposal' from her football player friend

This sweet story will tug on your heartstrings. A special "promposal" dance invite for a very special girl.

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  • Prom is one of the biggest and fanciest days of high school.

  • High school football player, Luis Velasquez, created a unique "promposal" — a fancy and creative way to invite someone to prom — for a special girl. Prior to the invite, he asked permission from her grandparents to ask Tiffany, who has special needs.

  • Tiffany and Luis have been friends since 7th grade when Luis asked her to dance at a school party. Tiffany has had a crush on him ever since and has baked him cookies for holidays and twice when he had knee surgery.

  • Luis told his mom, "Mom, I want to ask Tiffany to prom because she's a good person and she deserves it."

  • With help from the school's principal, Luis had students line the sidewalk holding posters that spelled "P-R-O-M?" during a fire drill. He also had Tiffany's favorite song, "Just the Way You Are" by Bruno Mars playing and gave her pink and blue roses — her favorite colors.

  • Tiffany came home from school and said, "All the pretty girls in our school, and he asked me, Mama. Me."

  • "We're both human. We both have hearts," Luis said.

  • Tiffany's grandparents and Luis' parents said they are all going to work together to make sure this is a memorable night.

  • This is such a sweet story — not just that a football player asked a girl with special needs to the prom, but the care and effort he put into it to make her feel special and loved.

  • Prom is a pretty big event for high schoolers, but it can also become expensive. Read the article, "5 ways to keep prom from breaking the bank" for some tips on keeping prom costs under control.

  • Also, it's important to focus on what people with special needs can do instead of what they can't. Check out what this amazing young man with Down Syndrome has done as an entrepreneur.

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