No one was coming to this girl's birthday party. Then something amazing happened

Mom sends out a plea on social media--hoping she can muster up around 10 people to show up for her daughter's birthday party. What happens next will bring tears to your eyes.

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  • Imagine having a child who gets rejected by her peers - on her birthday. As a parent, your heart breaks for her.

  • This happened to a father and mother and their daughter. Mackenzie Moretter invited all her classmates to her 10th birthday party, but no one was planning to attend her celebration. Mackenzie struggles socially because she has Sotos Syndrome which is characterized by facial abnormalities, increased growth (larger than peers) and developmental delays for both mental and motor skills.

  • As Mackenzie's birthday came closer, her mother, Jenny, became more upset and panicked. She went to social media the day before the scheduled party pleading for someone to show up to celebrate with her daughter. She thought maybe a handful of people would show up. That's where her and our faith in humanity gets restored.

  • Her social media friends and community came together with food for two-hundred-fifty guests donated by local businesses, a special visit from Queen Elsa from "Frozen" and far more guests than they ever could have expected. "I have a hard time making friends in school, but thanks to all of you, my voice was heard. I love you all," said Mackenzie to her guests.

  • As parents, we need to teach our children to be kind to other regardless of differences. Different abilities, races, religions, genders, neighborhoods, financial statuses and opinions don't change the fact that we are all humans. We need to seek those who need a friend, lift those who are lonely and befriend the friendless.

  • Strive to spread kindness to everyone you meet. Those who may be perceived as different or who are rejected by those around them need it the most. It's equally important to teach your children how to find good friends—and be one as well!

  • Read "3 ways to help a friendless child."

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