Groom surprises his bride with a special 'Centerpiece' musical

Watch how this groom decided to go all out to declare his love for his new bride. It's a musical performance you won't soon forget.

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  • We've seen some insanely creative marriage proposals, a surprise wedding and some pretty spectacular wedding reception dances. But, you probably haven't seen a wedding reception quite like this.

  • With the help of Blue Kite Cinema, John planned out a special musical number for his bride, Irene. Blue Kite Cinema composed the musical number while John and a few friends, including her dad, performed it — interrupting the best man's speech. (It's OK. He was in on the plan.)

  • Edward, the best man, is in the midst of his speech when Ivy, a friend, begins singing about the floral centerpiece. Everyone looks pretty confused. She stops, and the speech continues, only to be interrupted again by Ivy singing about the importance of a centerpiece.

  • It doesn't end there. Edwin, Irene's father, breaks into song, condemning the singing about flowers and starts singing about his silk tie. As if this wasn't strange enough, he is followed by Edward singing about his speaking moment being stolen by the singers. The trio sings together, then Edward announces Josh has some things to say.

  • Josh breaks into song with some tender-hearted lyrics to his sweet wife. "My sweets, it's plain to see you are my centerpiece." He sings of his devotion and love to her, bring tears of love to her eyes.

  • Love is the centerpiece to marriage. Josh's sweet sentiment of his wife and their love being his centerpiece is how we should all feel about our marriage. Husbands and wives need to make their spouse a priority and make sure they know they are loved. Read these love quotes for married people. Marriage takes work, but it is fun!

  • Here is some great advice for wives to follow, and be sure to check out the husband's edition, too.

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