This man couldn't be there for his anniversary so he did the next sweetest thing

You may search the world for priceless treasure, but nothing compares to the value of your priceless family.

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  • Sometimes we don't see the most precious gift right in front of us.

  • Famed blogger, Seth Adam Smith, explains just that in a special video to his wife. To tell her "Happy Anniversary" in a memorable way, while traveling for work, Smith reads his love letter aloud to his wife, Kim, and records it in France, Ghana, the Netherlands, Belgium and Florida.

  • In the letter, he tells a story — a legend — about a priceless pearl.

  • "The pearl is rumored to be the greatest treasure in all of the land. Excited by the prospect of great wealth, the man leaves his home by the sea and travels the world in search of this treasure. After many years, many miles, and many failures, the man returns to his home. Then one day while walking on the beach behind his house, the man discovers, to his great astonishment, the priceless pearl. It had been near his home the whole time."

  • He concludes by saying that he is a little like the man from the story — traveling the world in search of "opportunities, fame and fortune." However, the whole time his real treasure has been his wife, Kim. Incidentally, their engagement ring was a pearl.

  • Do we seek treasures in the world? How often do we look further than is necessary for something to value, love and admire when all the while our greatest and most precious gifts are at home? Our spouse and children are more precious than anything money can buy; rarer than a priceless pearl; and more valuable than any other possession we could own.

  • It's important that your spouse and children know they are loved and are more precious to you than anything else in the world. Be present and spend time with them. Read "5 ways to make your kids feel loved."

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