We can't help but love this corny compilation of fatherhood wins and fails

A silly look at the many times our dads saved our bacon — and the few times they nearly killed us.

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  • It seems that we develop superhuman powers once we have children. We hear tiny noises, "see" what's going on behind us, detect lies and heal wounds with magical kisses. Parents are pros at raising and protecting their young.

  • This video shows dads with amazing catlike reflexes, saving their children from some potentially severe injuries. OK, so there are a few fails in here, but mostly awesome saves. Watch as these dads catch children flying off swings, bikes and, occasionally, second story escalators. Without their attentiveness, these kids would surely have ended up with some injuries.

  • How often do parents' reflexes help their children avoid harm? Sometimes, the need for quick thinking is physical. Other times, that quick thinking may be needed for emotional, mental or spiritual help. Knowing whether to act immediately or to take time to think, meditate or pray about how best to assist our children is a skill parents must develop.

  • It's also important to note the fine line between saving our kids and stifling their personal growth. The effects of "over-parenting" can be detrimental to our children's development.

  • Though we do need to lead and protect our children, we need to be careful not to become "helicopter parents." We must teach our kids how to solve problems, think for themselves and understand that their actions have consequences — good or bad.

  • Wondering if you rescue your kids too much? Read this article about being a helicopter parent.

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