WWII vet celebrates his 90th birthday with an unlikely best friend

This ninety-year-old has a pint-sized best buddy. Prepare to say "Aw!" because this is one of the sweetest things you'll see on the internet.

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  • Friends are an important part of life, regardless of how young or old you are.

  • In this case, even a substantial age difference doesn't matter.

  • Word War II veteran, Erling, celebrated his ninetieth birthday with his best friend. Here's the interesting part: Erling's best friend is a four-year-old boy named Emmett.

  • Erling and Emmett used to be neighbors until Emmett's family moved and Erling relocated to a retirement home. Luckily, Emmett's parents have helped ensure their friendship continues through frequent visits.

  • On this occasion, they are there to celebrate Erling's ninetieth birthday. Emmett has a birthday gift to share with Erling—dog tag-styled necklaces. They are engraved with both of their names and say "friends forever." Isn't that such an adorable idea?

  • What a sweet couple of boys whose relationship transcends generational boundaries.

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