This darling toddler outsmarts her shape matching toy

Forget rules! This little girl takes matters into her own hands.

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  • Most of us likely had some sort of shape sorting toy when we were kids. In fact, we probably have them for our own kids.

  • This adorable toddler is trying to navigate her own shape matching toy, and it's not going well for her.

  • Finding the simplest way to get the shapes into the container, she takes the lid off and puts in the blocks.

  • Personally, I think her quick thinking, logic and problem-solving skills are a sure sign of smarts!

  • How often do we expect our children, or even ourselves, to conform to norms rather than allowing them to find their own way? Just because there's a way something should be done doesn't mean there's only one way for it to work.

  • Try something new, and if it doesn't work out, it's OK!

  • Making mistakes can sometimes be more valuable than doing something right the first time. It's how we learn, grow, come up with our own ideas and find our strengths.

  • Encourage your children to be creative thinkers and problem-solvers. Help them come up with multiple solutions for the same problems. Learning to "try and try again" is an important life skill that will benefit them throughout their lives.

  • Many of the best inventors, musicians and writers have been those who live outside the box. Where would we be if everyone took the same path and no one chose their own ways of thinking?

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