This mom reads a storybook aloud ... and realizes it's about her

An elaborate plan, secretly put together by a loving family, will give one mom the surprise of a lifetime.

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  • Moms sacrifice a lot for their kids and families. Sometimes, they don't realize how needed and special they are.

  • This touching ad shows one such mother and what her family does to show appreciation for her, reminding her that she matters.

  • "Once upon a time, a busy mom forgot how important she was. So, we decided to remind her," the video begins. Observing Deborah, mom to 6-year-old Sadie and 4-year-old Molly, we see she is not only a busy mom, but she also runs her own business as an event planner.

  • Deborah thinks she is helping film a documentary when she details how being a self-employed, full-time mom is overwhelmingly busy; however, this ruse is really a plan to show Deborah just how much her family appreciates her.

  • With the help of children's author, Paulette Bourgeois, the family creates a book that includes drawings by Deborah's girls. Deborah is invited to help with the book reading, but she doesn't know the book is really about her.

  • As she begins reading the book, "How to Make a Memory," her daughters watch with excitement. As she recognizes her daughters' nicknames, she begins to tear up.

  • "...but there's one special part that you haven't seen yet that makes memories shiny and new. A doer! A hugger! A dreamer! A mommy! Guess who? That's right, it's you."

  • As mothers, it's easy to forget just how important we are. Our children think the world of us and our husbands rely on us. What we do as moms is important, even critical.

  • While we are busy taking care of kids, cleaning the house, running errands and fulfilling all our other responsibilities, it's important to take a little time for ourselves to recharge. Read why moms need "me" time.

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