What happens when two newfound friends discover they are brothers

Introduced by a mutual friend, two strangers discover they have a lot more in common besides their buddy.

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  • Friends sometimes have such a close bond they seem like siblings.

  • The story of two newfound friends takes an unexpected twist.

  • Two boys, Dakotah Zimmer, 13-years-old, and Isaac Nolting, 12, became quick friends after meeting through a mutual friend at the city pool. As they are horse-playing in the pool, their friend says they are fighting like brothers.

  • That's when things changed.

  • The boys noticed they had the same nose, dressed the same, liked the same sports and video games and even laughed and talked alike. Curious, Isaac went home and asked his mother if he was adopted. Stunned, she asked him what made him think that. He told her that he thought he found his brother. Read "5 musts for a smooth adoption transition."

  • Living just 12 miles from each other, Dakotah was living with his grandmother while Isaac had been adopted. Sadly, their birth parents both unexpectedly died when the boys were toddlers.

  • Their grandmother had been hoping they could somehow be reunited, while Isaac's mother was trying to decide when to tell him he was adopted. This twist of fate was the answer no one expected.

  • The bonds of siblings can extend beyond anything else — even discovering each other by chance. Watch this video about how one brother showed love for his sister with a special birthday surprise.

  • Though siblings sometimes find themselves at each other's throats, ultimately, they look after and support each other. Siblings can be really close and develop an unbreakable bond. Of course, just like any other relationship, becoming and staying close requires effort.

  • These precious brothers are off to the right start in this video where a baby brother helps his big brother get his ride-on car out of a rut.

  • Are your siblings your best friends?

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