Girls and their mothers participate in a 'selfie' gallery show with amazing results

What do your selfies say about you? Are you trying to fit into the molds of the world? Or are you simply you?

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  • Selfies.

  • If you haven't taken one of yourself, you've definitely at least seen someone else's posed, self-captured portrait. Some are more natural while others display "duck faces," funny angles or carefully crafted poses to plaster all over social media. Read what your teenager's selfie obsession might mean.

  • The purpose of selfies is sometimes to garnish "likes" or gather attention. But, how often do these pictures display who we really are? How much editing happens before they go public?

  • This video encapsulates the insecurities that all women have about themselves. Wrinkles, poor complexion, hair type and other physical trait insecurities are issues that we see across all age groups. Yet, others don't usually notice our perceived "problem" features — they're usually just amplified by us.

  • "Isn't it time to redefine beauty?"

  • Participating in a "Beauty Is" project, girls from one high school are invited to take selfies and have their mothers do it as well. No editing or filters allowed —just an "honest" selfie. These images will be part of a public gallery show. "You have the power to change and redefine what beauty is."

  • The challenge is met with nervousness and fear of what others will think of their selfies begin to creep in.

  • Then the magic happens.

  • At the photo display, individuals leave notes about what they notice, like a beautiful smile, lovely hair or other compliments. The girls and mothers begin to realize they are beautiful, not just from the comments, but because they have reevaluated themselves and redefined beauty in their own minds.

  • As mothers and daughters, we can make a difference by redefining beauty. Beauty is not on the cover of a magazine and does not have to fit some cookie-cutter description. Our unique traits, natural appearances and individual hopes, dreams and goals make us beautiful — not the rigid boundaries of beauty the world and media have created. Read "When selfies aren't obnoxious."

  • We should help each other discover and embrace our own beauty. Beauty is much more than our size, shape, hairstyle or color or how we dress. Our unique traits and what we think and feel about ourselves is where beauty lies. We just need to discover it.

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