This will make you rethink how you spend your minutes

The seconds tick by regardless of what you're doing or not. Each second, minute and hour can never be reclaimed once they pass. How are you spending your time?

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  • One minute seems like a pretty inconsequential amount of time. But, have you ever considered what you can actually do with one minute?

  • How did you spend your last sixty seconds?

  • This video shows that as the seconds tick by, there is actually a lot you can accomplish in just one minute.

    • Take a leap.

    • Wake up.

    • Take deep breaths.

    • Give a kiss.

    • Call a loved one.

    • Capture a memory.

    • Make new friends.

    • Hold a door for someone.

    • Dance in the car.

    • Start that diet. End that diet. Restart that diet.

    • Say goodbye.

    • Say hello.

  • What will you do with your next minute?

  • Will you cheer up a friend? Will you send an uplifting text? Read a book to a child? Set a new goal? Pray for strength to overcome a bad habit?

  • Too often, instead of doing something that actually means anything, we waste time on social media, emails, gossiping or passing judgments about others or, in other words, we procrastinate, ignore or take for granted what really matters the most in our lives.

  • Spend your precious minutes with the people you love, improving yourself and accomplishing your life's mission. Make every moment count. Once a minute has passed, you will never get it back.

  • That doesn't mean we have to be in a race to do everything and get it all done. We still need to "take deep breaths" as the video states. Read these "5 tips for relaxation in 10 minutes." We do need to take time to rejuvenate and recharge ourselves. Those minutes are also important; otherwise you won't be able to give your best to the important people or other things in your life.

  • Read these important ways to make your minutes count in your marriage. Or check out these reasons why you need to take family vacations.

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