How a car wash is helping people with Autism Spectrum Disorder

This car wash owner came up with a brilliant plan to help his adult son, who has autism, not only find employment, but help him, and others, gain confidence in themselves.

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  • For parents of children with special needs, it can be intimidating to think about their future and how they'll get along in life.

  • One dad took the matter into his own hands.

  • John D'Eri, CEO of Rising Tide car wash, has a son, Andrew, who is on the autism spectrum. Because adults with autism have a 90% unemployment rate, he decided to employee Andrew, along with other people with Autism Spectrum Disorder; 35 out of 43 Rising Tide employees have autism.

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  • Andrew's older brother, Tom, who is the COO of the company, says, "Typically, people with autism are really good at structured tasks, following processes, attention to detail... So, we saw these as really important skills that people with autism have, and make them, in some cases, the best employees you could have."

  • Working at the car wash helps the individuals with ASD to gain confidence and hope for their futures. Whether they choose to stay at the car wash, or move on to another job, they are better equipped with knowing they can be successful.

  • Not only is the D'Eri family helping those with ASD, but they are also helping the public to better understand autism as the customers realize the people cleaning their cars have autism.

  • Wonder what it's like to have autism? Watch this video.

  • By focusing on what people with special needs CAN do instead of what they may not be able to, we can help them find fulfillment through employment, talents or other interests. We can help our loved ones become independent and help them discover their strengths. People with specials needs are amazing and can probably do more than you think.

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