A boy calls this 4-year-old ugly. Her response is perfect

This 4-year-old is full of sass and confidence which helps her put a pint-sized bully in his place.

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  • How many of us females remember being told that when a boy was being mean to you it meant that he liked you? It's time to stop perpetuating that LIE and teach our girls to respond like Cici did.

  • Siahj, nicknamed Cici, was called ugly by a little boy at school. Her response is perfect and drips of confidence and sass. Her mom asks what she said back, "I said, 'I didn't come here to make a fashion statement. I came here to learn — not look pretty.'"

  • The boy, not giving up on his rude statements, retorts that she looks "bad." Luckily, Cici has another truth for him: "Did you look in a mirror lately? Bye bye, see you later, you're making me mad."

  • Of course, she is completely adorable, but her confidence in the face of being bullied is admirable. As mothers and fathers, we need to raise strong, confident girls who know who they are, even in the face of naysayers.

  • Read this article on "Raising, confident, independent daughters."

  • With so much uncertainty and mixed messages in the world, it is easy for girls to be influenced and become confused about who they really are. This knowledge and confidence starts at home. Giving your daughters (and sons) a sure foundation and understanding of who they are, and filling their lives with love and support, will help prepare them to stand up to the bullies of the world.

  • It's not just boys who bully girls; often, it is other girls who can hurt other girls the most. Friendships turned sour can lead to gossip, hurt, broken relationships and embarrassment. We need to teach girls to be each other's allies instead of enemies. Read what two women did to combat girl-on-girl bullying.

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