When his wife goes blind, one man shows what true love really is

True love is more than a feeling. It is showing someone how much you care.

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  • True love is an action. It means showing another person that you will do anything — no matter the cost — to help and protect him or her. This type of love doesn't come easily. It doesn't come simply from meeting someone. It comes from getting to know a person. It comes from times of laughter, times of sadness and even times of despair.

  • In this video, one woman discovers she has a rare condition that is causing her to go blind. The bad news fills her head and heart with worry. She doesn't want to be a burden to her husband. She does not want to be his "patient." She wants to remain his partner. However, her husband doesn't see things as she does and takes extra measures to help her.

  • True love involves sacrifice. It means making an extra effort for someone else — doing something that won't provide you any grand praise or recognition. Once you find that love, embrace it. Show your special someone how much you care and how much you love him or her. You never know when things will change. You never know when, in a moment, everything could be different.

  • Click here to read one woman's story of how to live without regrets, even after tragic loss.

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