10 little gestures to pamper your hubby

Give your marriage some extra lovin' by surprising your husband with little gestures that have a BIG impact.

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  • It's easy to get caught in a routine with your life. You are so used to getting done what you need to during the day that it's hard remembering to do the little things that make your marriage special. Here are some simple things you can do throughout your day to show your husband just how important he is to you.

  • 1. Give him a "MANicure"

  • My husband takes care of his own fingernails, but every once in a while, I pull out the supplies and give him a real manicure or pedicure. He quite enjoys getting pampered in this way, though I don't think he'd ever admit it! Besides cutting and filing hubby's nails, put lotion on his hands and feet and throw in a bit of massage as well.

  • 2. Leave little notes

  • Every day, when I pack my husband's lunch, I include a post-it note with a quote on it. This started during a week that was particularly hard for my husband. I thought some inspirational quotes would not only give him a little motivation but also let him know I was aware of him and what he was going through. I wasn't planning to keep giving him notes after that first week, but when he let me know how much they meant to him and how he looked forward to reading them each day, I continued doing it. Notes are simple and easy, but they mean a lot.

  • 3. Give a head massage

  • Massages are a great way to help a husband relax and unwind, but I will admit that I am the worst masseuse in the world. I am not a fan of giving massages, and I don't think people really like the ones I give, but I can give an awesome head massage. Head massages are easy. All you have to do is run your fingers through your husband's hair while sitting next to him on the couch. If a full-body massage is not your thing, try a simple head massage instead.

  • 4. Watch a movie he wants to watch

  • My husband is the best about watching movies I pick, but I am terrible at watching movies he wants to watch. Some of his movies are just not my idea of good entertainment, and I can't stand the thought of wasting an hour and a half of my life sitting through something terrible. But every once in a while, I let my husband choose and I don't say one negative word throughout the whole show. It means a lot to a husband when a wife is willing to sacrifice her time to do something he enjoys.

  • 5. Don't complain

  • When your husband comes home from work, do you tend to run through the list of things that went wrong during your day? It may help you to vent, but this can be tedious and stressful for your husband. Make sure that, every once in a while, you let your husband come home and relax without giving a blow-by-blow of your horrible day. Instead, let your husband enjoy saying "hello" as he basks in the bliss of not knowing the details.

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  • 6. Do one of "his jobs"

  • Is your husband in charge of taking out the trash, washing the car or cleaning the bathroom? One day, when he is not expecting it, do the job for him. Don't tell him you did it. Just let him notice on his own. He'll be appreciative when he realizes he does not have to clean the toilet that week.

  • 7. Surprise him at work

  • If your husband's work allows you to visit him, do it. Not too often, but every once in a while, stop by and say "hi." Let him show the kids his office and spend a little time with you. Nothing can brighten his workday more than a visit from the people he loves the most.

  • 8. Give him something — just because

  • Do you only give gifts on birthdays, Christmas and special occasions? If so, give your husband something on a completely random day. Just because. A new tie, a CD, a video game ... Any of these things are not too expensive — just a little something to show you care.

  • 9. Learn to do something he likes to do

  • Does your husband have a favorite sport or game that he likes to play that you have no interest in? Spend some time on your own learning about one of his hobbies and surprise him, or ask him to teach you something. It is always good to have things you can do together as a couple, and this gesture will show your husband that you are willing to do something he likes to do.

  • 10. Give him one-on-one time

  • When you have kids, a full-time job or any sort of life in general, it's hard making time for your husband. Make it a priority to spend time each day with just him. Even if it's just 10 minutes, carve out some one-on-one time with your husband to remind him just how important he is to you.

  • Pay attention to the little things you can do for your husband. After all, it's the little things we remember most.

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