You'll love this 'I'm a Daddy and I Know It' parody for so many reasons

It's a dad parody like you've never seen before — and it's pretty darn accurate, too!

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  • Parenting parodies are super fun and relatable. This father of five is winning at parenting and parodies.

  • Yes, five kids — two plus triplets.

  • The parody titled, "I'm a Daddy and I Know It," delivers realism and humor in the same punch — and, of course, lots of adorable kiddies. Stepping on toys barefoot, mischievous messes, diapers galore, shopping mayhem (and in bulk) and lots of kid wrangling are encapsulated in this real-life music video.

  • The dad still manages to get his workouts in — albeit weight lifting children, and living room dance parties for cardio. The biggest danger may be the diaper juggling, but it's a "toss-up" between that and walking barefoot.

  • These kids are clearly having a great childhood, full of lots of play time with their parents. The family memories they are creating are priceless.

  • P.S. We didn't see their mom because she was the one behind the camera and the creator and director of this ingenious endeavor.

  • Whether you have one kid or 10, parenting is a big responsibility. It takes time, energy, talents, education and more patience than is foreseeable before you have kids. But, having a family is a great blessing and fulfills and enriches lives. Nothing compares to being a parent.

  • If you think you're lacking in the parenting department, read "Advice for all dads: How to step up to the parenting plate" to see how you're doing and make necessary adjustments. The most important thing is to just be there for your kids. They want YOU. Kids love to talk to their dads, spend time with them and to simply be loved.

  • For some more parenting humor — from the moms' perspective — read this tongue-in-cheek article "10 things you really shouldn't say to moms with multiple children."

  • This relatable mom parody will have you laughing because it's so true.

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