Husband dies, but makes plans for his wife every Valentine's Day

Grab the tissues! When this husband found out he was dying, he planned ahead to make his wife feel loved every year after he was gone.

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  • This story is something akin to the book-turned-movie "P.S. I Love You."

  • If you found out you had a brain tumor or some other terminal health problem, would you do something special to share your love with your spouse long after you have died?

  • That's what one man did when he was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. Shelly Golay's husband, Jim, passed away several months prior to Valentine's Day, but he still sent her flowers so she would remember him and his love for her on this holiday about love.

  • When she first received the flowers, she thought they were from her kids even though the card read - "Happy Valentine's Day, Honey. Stay strong! Yours Forever, Love Jim." Upon inquiry, she discovered this was not the case. The flower shop told her that before Jim died, he arranged for her favorite flowers - an assortment of roses - to be sent to her every Valentine's Day until she dies. "That's just a testament of his love all over again," said Shelly.

  • Undoubtedly, love can last forever. As writer, Richard Bach, said, "True love stories never have endings."

  • Showing your love doesn't have to wait until after you die. In fact, you should be showing your love now. Check out these 50 ways to show love today and every day. Not only will these demonstrations make your spouse feel loved, but it will strengthen your relationship. Love is fun, it feels good and the benefits are always rewarding. Read these "5 fun ways to show love to your spouse." Don't make those you love wait to hear it, know it and feel it until you are near death or already gone. Tell and show them now, today. Love is not something you should keep to yourself.

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