Career day: What do you want to be when you grow up?

Love your job or hate it, we all have to work. The trick is, finding something you love so it doesn't seem like work.

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  • Finding your passion in life can be tricky business. Sometimes, knowing what you don't want to do can be just as important as finding what you do want to do.

  • In this "Kid Snippets" segment, it shows a school career day — you know, where parents come and share information about what they do for work. The first one is a doctor, and it goes as expected.

  • The next "parent" begins to describe being a mailman, and that doesn't end up going so well. Jack's dad begins by telling the class how annoying it is to have to stop at every house to drop off the mail. He doesn't even like his job. Though, he once delivered a love letter that said, "Kiss me good, my buddy."

  • Jack asks his dad if people in his class should be a mailman. "Not at all, Son. Class, listen up! You should never be a mailman. You have to stop at every mailbox, and you might pass a mailbox, miss a mailbox and your boss gets mad at you. Sometimes people have dogs, and like, they talk about it. Like the weather with my door open all the time. Winter when it's snowing — snow flies on me in my car. Being a mailman is the worst job ever!"

  • Jack's dad maybe ought to choose a new career.

  • Having a job is necessary to support a family. It isn't always fun, but you can find a job that you enjoy more than others. Whether being a mail carrier, a doctor, an accountant, a teacher, a writer, a musician or a sales clerk is enjoyable to you or not, there is something for everyone.

  • Read "Never work a day in your life. Tips on choosing a career." To prepare for the interview for your dream job that you'll love, try these "15 career interview tips."

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