True love is more than appearances

Love should be based on what is inside a person, not their fleeting looks or some other shallow reason.

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  • Have you ever known someone who only cared for someone because of their outward appearances, talents or for certain qualities rather than for who they are inside?

  • This music video depicts the true love story of Thomas Moore, an Irish poet, and his wife. The story starts "...upon his return from war [he] found his wife to be unwilling to let him see her. During his tour abroad she had contracted smallpox, disfiguring enough to hide her face from him. Ever devoted to her and their love, Thomas penned a song that he sang softly to her through the bedroom door. He was hoping to woo her back into his grace...and once again see her face."

  • Little by little, we see as his wife slowly begins to soften her stance and truly begins to believe that Thomas does love her for her rather than just her pretty face. Thomas exercised patience and unwavering love as he helped her heal from her inner scars of self-doubt.

  • How often do we try to change ourselves — appearances, likes, dislikes or beliefs — simply to please someone else in hopes of gaining their affection? Do we allow people to love us for who we are and because of our differences?

  • Physical beauty fades, but a beautiful soul is forever. Remember to love people for who they are inside and not just for some shallow reason that may be fleeting.

  • Read this article about what true love is according to children.

  • Love takes work. Sometimes things don't go according to plan. We may need to have increased patience as our spouse, or loved ones, go through their own personal trials. We can help them see that our love is not conditional, but really does last through "sickness and in health." Read these "3 must have components for true love."

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