Would your girlfriend approve of a surprise flash mob wedding like this one?

This potential groom will either fail miserably or pull off the coolest wedding ever.

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  • We've heard of flash mobs. And, of course, we all love those surprise engagement videos. But how about a flash mob surprise wedding — at a mall?

  • Christina, engaged to Brian, put on her wedding dress for what she thought was a bridal photo shoot to help her photographer friend. Little did she know that her fiancé was a secret mastermind who had orchestrated an elaborate scheme to surprise her.

  • All dressed up and ready to go, the bride-to-be strolls through the mall to the outside venue (in front of an enormous Christmas tree) for the "pictures," but her dad is there in a suit, holding a bouquet of flowers. As he tells her what is really happening, she bursts into tears of joy.

  • On the other side of the Christmas tree, guests, the wedding officiant and her fiance are waiting. Her dad walks her down the aisle of friends and family to her fiance, and the couple ties the knot.

  • The photo shoot wasn't all fake. You need pictures for a wedding, right?

  • OK, so a mall may not be the number one desired location for a wedding (hopefully the couple got some sweet gift cards), but what a surprise!

  • Surprise engagements or weddings are a fantastic way to involve friends and family in your special moments. Watch how one boyfriend turned a family photo shoot into a marriage proposal.

  • After the honeymoon is over, keep that spirit of romance alive as you navigate the challenges of marriage. Here are six secrets to a happy marriage that will help you along the way.

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