You'll be amazed what one man did to save abandoned babies

In a world of much sorrow, one pastor has decided to become a spot of love and kindness for children who would otherwise have no one. He becomes their father.

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  • This video is full of what the world needs more of - heart.

  • Pastor Lee Jong-rak of Seoul, South Korea was aware that hundreds of unwanted and abandoned babies often died before they were discovered. To help remedy this problem, he built a "drop box" where people could drop off their babies anonymously. The drop box, similar to a mailbox, is attached to his home in a working-class neighborhood.

  • Some of the children who are dropped off are blind, deformed, have cerebral palsy or Down syndrome. But to Jong-rak, they are all perfect. It is simply too difficult for the parents to care for the child. "If I don't do something to protect these children, I could be picking up their dead bodies at my gate. I can't be here and not do anything about it."

  • Above the box, it says, "For my father and mother have forsaken me, but the Lord will take me in" (Psalm 27:10). Jong-rak said, "So we installed the baby box with God's heart." When the bell rings indicating a new baby has arrived, he runs down, retrieves the baby and thanks God for saving the child. "God sent them to earth for a purpose."

  • Even though many of these children will have to rely on someone for the rest of their life due to physical limitations, Jong-rak and his wife know that each life has value. Their own son was in a hospital for 14 years. Because of his son, says Jong-rak, "I learned the dignity of a valuable life."

  • Not only is he making a difference in the life of these precious children, but he is also changing the lives of those around him. They are all learning what it really means to be a Christian. They are learning what the gospel is all about. He states, "The reason I decided to become their father was God has adopted me."

  • We can all do more to love our fellow man. We can show love to those in need. We can have giving hearts and hands.

  • Watch this heart-wrenching story of a girl saved from abuse through adoption.

  • Simple acts can go a long way. Read "You will never regret being too kind."

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