This Coca-Cola commercial makes a good point about Internet kindness

What happens when the Internet is flooded with messages of goodness? Try it and find out!

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  • With the Internet, messages can be spread faster than ever before. Unfortunately, sometimes these messages are sent with the intent to spread cruelty to each other.

  • This Coca-Cola commercial tries to send a different message — #MakeItHappy. It starts with negative words such as hate, loser and other hurtful phrases popping up on computers or cell phones. But, something changes when some Coca-Cola gets spilled on the server. Instead of frying the electronics like it would in real life, the Coke travels through the wires changing the painful messages into positive words for the receivers. "The world is what we make it. #MakeItHappy."

  • Too often, people argue and say cruel things while on social media sites. They send condescending text messages aimed at hurting the recipient. Cyber-bullying is a big problem. Instead of using our time, energy and effort to lash out at another person, we can be so much more effective for good in the world.

  • Rather than saying something mean or retaliating — ignore it, or better yet, say something kind, generous and uplifting. Spread positive messages. Flood the Internet with kindness. It takes the same amount of time to do something mean as it does to be nice, but being nice also makes you, and others, feel good. One person really can make a difference. We can make the world a better place by uplifting and inspiring others.

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