One couple's adoption story will leave you grabbing several tissues

After struggling to conceive for nine years, this couple finally receives an answer to their prayers.

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  • There are many couples who pray and long to add another member to their families. Unfortunately, when pregnancy results come back negative month after month, the reality of infertility cuts deep. The struggle is real and it can make a person feel raw. It can cause families to hurt in ways they never thought possible.

  • However, not all is lost. In just a matter of seconds, all of a couple's hopes, dreams and greatest desires can come true. Many couples have the opportunity to adopt, to become parents and finally have someone whom they can hear say "mama" and "dada."

  • This beautiful video tells the story of one couple who struggled for nine years to have a child of their own. Their prayers were finally answered, and they were able to meet and adopt their son.

  • It does not matter whether your family shares DNA. What matters is the love that bonds you together. When this couple met their son for the first time, they could hardly keep back the tears. They could hardly control their emotions. This sweet family understood that there is a reason for everything, that there is a reason they couldn't have children earlier. They saw the hand God played in their lives, even though for years they faced so much adversity. They recognized this great blessing, and they understand what true love is in a family.

  • Read here for more information on how adoption blesses families.

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