After 10 years, a mother finds the people who saved her son's life

To what lengths would you go to thank someone? What this mother does to thank those who saved her son's life brings us to tears.

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  • "God gave you a gift of 84,600 seconds today. Have you used one of them to say thank you?" This thought-provoking question by author, William Arthur Ward, says a lot about the ease and importance of thanking others.

  • One mother went to great lengths to thank the people who helped save her son's life.

  • In 2004, Kellie, her husband, AJ, and their 14-week-old son, Eli, were in a terrible car accident. Kellie's husband died on impact, and Eli was severely injured.

  • Eli spent time in the hospital with bleeding on the brain, strokes and seizures. Kellie was told that, if her son lived, he probably wouldn't be able to walk, talk or show emotion.

  • Miraculously, less than one week later, Kellie got to take Eli home from the hospital.

  • Ten years later, Kellie and her new husband - Eli's adopted father, Ted - spent time tracking down each of the individuals who had a part in saving Eli's life. Doctors, nurses and the Life Flight crew each received a personal visit from Kellie and an invitation for a special night to honor and thank each of them. They were given a picture of now 10-year-old Eli and told they'd get to meet him at the event.

  • Eli is not only alive but a healthy, vibrant and energetic child. "Look at him. He's whole," remarked one of the nurses.

  • At the special event, Kellie had family and friends there to help celebrate those who helped save Eli's life. They applauded as the honorees stood to be recognized.

  • "I think of Eli's face. I think of his smile, and I then imagine 'what if that face didn't exist?' Or 'what if it had been snuffed out?' None of us make it in life, or through life, on our own," said Ted.

  • There are many who have been helped like Eli, and so many more who have been helped, supported, loved, comforted or otherwise lifted by others. We all have someone we need to thank.

  • Read "The gift of gratitude," or look here for ideas to help teach your kids to have attitudes of gratitude.

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