The show must go on: 9-year-old violinist plays a day before brain surgery

These young violinists rallied to support one of their own, Sophie Fellows, after Sophie was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

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  • During her holiday concert, Sophie Fellows had to stop playing because of a really bad headache. The next day, her parents took her to the doctor and discovered she had a brain tumor.

  • When her fellow violinists and violin teacher, Carolyn Bever, heard the news, they banded together and made the almost four-hour trip to Boston Children's Hospital to support Sophie. Once there, they were able to perform together the day before Sophie's surgery at the hospital. As they say, "the show must go on!"

  • With some effort, these young musicians were able to show their love and support for one of their own. Their efforts were appreciated by the Fellows family and by Sophie — who had worked for a couple of months to learn the music.

  • Sophie has since had two surgeries on her brain tumor. According to The Boston Globe, she spent weeks in the ICU and had some complications. She now wears an eye patch to help with double vision, but, miraculously, Sophie's tumor was benign and she is doing well.

  • Sophie is strong and filled with determination. She has been working with a music therapist at the hospital. Because her left side is weak from surgery, she shakes as she tries to play. As mentioned in The Boston Globe, when Sophie's therapist asked if she was tired, Sophie answered "no" without even looking up and kept playing until the end of her song.

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  • Love, support and determination go a long way. The other violinists sure showed how much heart they have, and it was a special moment for Sophie and her family.

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