These children define happiness — and it makes profound sense

Adults overcomplicate everything. What does it truly take to be happy? Learn from these giggling examples.

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  • What is it that makes you happy? Do you choose to be happy daily?

  • In this interview, a group of adorable children sit down to talk about happiness. Their candid chat about smiles, smirks, grins and laughs is pretty fun to watch.

  • When asked, "Is life better when you smile?" the children respond, "Yes. Because it brings joy to the world...and that's from Shakespeare!" Smiling indeed brings joy to the world (even if that is not from Shakespeare).

  • One of the boys, Josh, is asked to tell a joke.

  • "What is a bird's favorite paper?"

  • "A flyer!"

  • A child's perspective on happiness, smiling and laughing is quite simple. Why is it that, as adults, it all becomes complicated? We think we need reasons to be happy when, in reality, happiness is a choice. Happiness should not be tied to circumstances, and kids understand this on the most basic level.

  • Achieving true happiness is often done through our own actions — the decisions we make to better our own lives.

  • "In all of living, have much fun and laughter. Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured," said religious leader, Gordon Hinckley. Get out there and enjoy life!

  • If you haven't laughed today, get your daily dose while watching these infectious baby laughs.

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