This 4-year-old may be the youngest fashion designer in the world

This 4-year-old just signed a clothing design deal — and here we sit, just glad we managed to get dressed today.

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  • Most of us probably feel pretty pleased with ourselves if we can just put an outfit together that looks halfway decent.

  • This 4-year-old puts us all to shame.

  • Sydney Keiser, nicknamed "Mayhem," spends her days with paper, scissors and tape, creating original fashion designs for herself and her make-believe sister — a mannequin Sydney calls Mackenza. She works "about 10 hours a day" (but we're not sure how long that is in adult time). Sydney is humble, too. When the reporter says Sydney has a gift, Sydney replies, "I do?"

  • Sydney makes replicas of red carpet gowns as well as original designs. It's pretty amazing to see what she comes up with and how cute her styles turn out. Her mom, of course, is her assistant and does what Sydney tells her to when it comes to design and creativity. She also makes sure Sydney is safe with those scissors!

  • "Fashion by Mayhem" has a popular Instagram account and website — but that's not all. Sydney and her parents just signed a deal with J. Crew for a children's clothing line.

  • Besides her creative flare, Sydney is just a normal 4-year-old. Her parents are great supporters of her imagination and talents.

  • Sydney's amazing skills developed during playtime. Often, the things we enjoy and become good at begin to show as we play. Read how to "Help your child discover talents through play."

  • All of us have something we enjoy doing — something we're good at. Sometimes, it just takes us a little longer to discover those areas. For more on helping your children discover personal interests or skills, read this article on "Helping your children find their passions."

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