If laughter is the best medicine, you need this darling dose

Just try not to laugh while watching these adorable babies giggle their hearts out. It's impossible.

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  • "A good time to laugh is any time you can," said Linda Ellerbee, an American journalist.

  • Now is a good time to laugh. This adorable video is full of babies laughing at anything from pets to random noises. These babies don't just giggle — it's a full on belly laugh extravaganza, complete with "pre-laughing screams." There's not much that compares to the laughter of babies. And their laughter is contagious!

  • Hopefully, you got a dose of laughter in while watching these cuties. There is some evidence that laughter is actually good for your health.

  • WebMD suggests there is evidence that laughter benefits your physical well-being. It may increase blood flow, reduce blood sugar levels, increase immune response, help you get better sleep and encourage more effective relaxation. Laughing also burns calories — although not very much (only about 50 calories within 10-15 minutes). But, that's better than not laughing, right?

  • Regardless of whether or not laughter truly is "medicine," it feels good. Most of us would probably agree that laughter at least boosts our moods. Personally, I'd rather have laughing wrinkles than scowling wrinkles as I get older. Wouldn't you?

  • Children's author, Anna Fellows Johnston, said, "Remember, men need laughter sometimes more than food." Laughter is food for the soul.

  • Read these reasons why laughing helps you bond with your family. Laughing also eases stress and tension — especially in difficult circumstances. Read "4 tips on how to laugh through the hard times."

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