Can you solve this as fast as your child can?

Do you have what it takes to compete? Share the puzzle if you got the answer correct.

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  • Can you solve this puzzle faster than your own children? If you can, you're uber smart. You get the golden star award (and early recess).

  • Here are a few more questions to tease your brain (link to answers below):

  • After-school snack

  • If you take 3 cookies from a plate of 5 cookies, how many do you have?

  • Lucky seven

  • How many 7s are there between 1 and 100?

  • A baker's dozen / a dozen egg

  • John and Norah have a chicken coop with 10 hens. John eats 3 eggs everyday for breakfast and Norah sells the rest. At the end of the week, Norah had sold 70 eggs. How many eggs did each rooster lay?

  • Gift to share

  • What is something you want to share if you have but if you share you don't have?

  • One of these things just doesn't belong

  • Which number doesn't fit? 3785, 4756, 9842, 1787

  • Looking for more fun?

  • Primal Math makes learning a little bit easier and a lot more fun. Check out their new "Math McConaughey" YouTube video series and download their new [Zombie Fish Bits app](

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