This princess will marry a king. Her dad's there to make sure of it!

This dad teaches his daughter, Nola, valuable life lessons, and Nola's future suiters had better pay attention!

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  • Dads have huge impacts on their daughters — for good or bad.

  • Demetrius Brown is a positive influence on his little girls. This precious video shows Brown talking to his 2-year-old, Nola, about who she is: a princess. The two converse about how, one day, Nola will be a queen when she is older and married.

  • This girl knows who she is. She knows that being a princess, and later a queen, means that she is important and ought to be treated with respect by her king. Brown asks, "And he'll only put his hands on you if he's what?" "Giving you love," Nola answers.

  • Chivalry is not dead. Brown makes sure Nola knows that her king will open doors for her — and her daddy will be there to make sure of it! Brown talks more about teaching our daughters on the Facebook page, Conversations With Our Daughters.

  • This is such an adorable girl with a fantastic father. We, as parents, need to teach our sons and daughters about showing respect. We must teach them to expect to be respected in return. Manners, opening doors and kindness are vital to society. Teach your children that violence and contempt toward others is not acceptable.

  • It's equally important for both males and females to learn how to respect others. This includes physical boundaries in intimacy and dating. Here are some great ways to teach sons to respect women, and be sure to teach your daughters to mirror the lessons in "Is he a keeper? What to look for in the man you marry."

  • Respect is a two-way street. Teach your kids to know who they are so their sense of identity will be strong enough to walk away from unhealthy relationships.

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