A haircut only a toddler could love

It's all fun and games until your toddler finds the scissors...and cuts his own hair.

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  • Hide the scissors!

  • Most parents have been there: the sad and semi-horrifying realization that one of your youngsters has decided to play barber shop or hair salon on his own head or on a sibling's lovely locks. The results are not usually good. Chunks of hair cut off right to the scalp that we try to fix or hide with a professional haircut or creative hairstyles.

  • Tallulah decided to take the self-haircut challenge. "I cut my fringe," she declared to her dad. "I didn't want it to be in my eyes." Her logic is at least partially sound. Her dad handles it pretty well and simply tells her that she needs to ask mom or dad if she thinks she needs a haircut.

  • After all, self-administered haircuts are not the most ideal way to go.

  • Young children, particularly toddlers, are famous for mischief. Permanent marker on the couches and walls, scissors to their hair or clothes, bathroom messes or just about any other worst-case-scenario situations their creativity can muster. Next time your little angel spills dinner all over the floor or uses a full bottle of hair gel in their hair, breathe and read these "10 reasons not to give your toddler to the zoo...yet."

  • Dads, check out these tips for doing your daughter's hair. Besides the mischief, toddlers are also professional tantrum throwers. Here are some great ideas on how to distract a toddler and stop a tantrum.

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