What is it like to have autism? Watch this video

Through the eyes of someone with autism, experience what it's like surviving day-to-day obstacles.

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  • For those with autism spectrum disorder, simple tasks can seem insurmountable.

  • My son was recently diagnosed with ASD, though I have suspected his condition since he was a toddler. After several tests over the years to properly diagnose him, the confirmation was both a relief and a stress. Knowing how best to help a child or family member who has ASD can be difficult, but understanding more about what he or she may be experiencing is a good start.

  • This video depicts autism from the inside out. Through the eyes of someone with autism, we see how difficult a simple outing can be. Carly goes with her dad and sister to get a drink at a coffee shop. Trying to order what she wants proves rather difficult, trying to focus on a single task with distractions all around. The sounds of the restaurant, the conversation and other interferences make for an overwhelming and frustrating experience.

  • Autism is a developmental disorder accompanied by sensory processing disorder, poor social interaction and obsessive behavior. Anxiety is also prevalent because a person with autism often lacks the ability to process new people, new places, and how to act or what to say in unfamiliar situations. Additionally, increased sensitivities to sound or touch can make it difficult to focus. Sometimes, when people with autism try to tune out distractions, they end up missing information they meant to focus on.

  • Read these 10 signs of autism if you suspect you or someone you know has ASD. Getting a proper diagnosis is necessary so that parents, schools and doctors can work together to help those with autism get the assistance they need. For parents raising autistic children, read these tips for educating a child with special needs and surviving church with an autistic child.

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