Photo booth proposal results in memorable beginning

A man proposes to his girlfriend in a photo booth, and her reaction is priceless.

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  • A photo tells a story. It reminds you of those moments in life you should never forget. In this video, a young man proposes to his girlfriend in a photo booth. Even though this couple is young, you can clearly see how much they love one another — how excited they are for their future lives together.

  • Five to 10 years down the road, we only hope that the love and excitement are still there. In marriage, it is crucial to keep love alive. It is important that you work to strengthen your relationship with your spouse, the most important relationship in your life. If you need a little help sprucing up your marriage, here are a few simple ideas.

    1. Hold hands each day.

    2. Check up on each other throughout the day by text, phone call, social media, etc.

    3. Spend at least five minutes each day talking face-to-face.

    4. If you wake up in the night, give your spouse a kiss.

    5. Go on a vacation together — without the kids.

    6. Pray together.

  • For more on building a great relationship with your spouse, read "6 signs you're doing marriage right." If you are concerned your marriage may be in trouble, find out one major cause of divorce and five tips to prevent it.

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