Lesson 101: How to call a girl on the phone

If you're having a hard time calling someone on the phone, Kid President and actress, Lake Bell, have some pointers.

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  • It's hard to call a girl on the phone — especially when people more frequently use text messaging or social media to communicate.

  • Kid President thinks calling a girl on the phone is scary. So, Lake Bell — an actress and a girl — gives him some advice and help.

  • If calling a girl (or boy) is difficult or scary for you, take some notes.

  • Bell suggests writing down some topics to talk about when you call. Kid President decides sports is a good choice because the girl he wants to call, Faith, likes sports. He also writes down Hawaii to talk about and some funny scenarios from school.

  • He makes the call and it goes pretty well, with Bell giving him little tips throughout the conversation. Faith and Kid President laugh about the interesting things that happened at school and then, after Bell makes him, he ends the conversation politely.

  • And of course, a victory dance is required after you conquer your fear.

  • Calling a girl or boy on the phone can be nerve-wracking no matter how old or young you are. But, once you do it, it gets easier and easier. Be brave, jot down a simple list of things to talk about if you get stuck with dead air and make the call. If you need to, have a friend present to help coach you along.

  • For parents, here are some tips to share with your teen about getting a date. Be sure to go over family values and rules and these "Smart dating ideas for teens."

  • Make sure your child is old enough physically and mentally to start dating. Encourage group dates, especially in the beginning.

  • Watch this 4-year-old who thinks he has his first date all planned out.

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