A routine fire drill has everyone seeing 'sparks'

A fire drill at school leads to a romantic surprise for one teacher.

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  • An ordinary fire drill turned extraordinary at one elementary school.

  • Six months prior to that fire drill, firefighter Justin Deierling met Megan Zahorec while helping pass out water as a volunteer with the fire department during a walk-a-thon at the school where Megan works. From there, they got to know each other better. Justin recalled, "I instantly knew she was someone special. I knew how much she loves her job and the kids at Greentown and wanted to include them as well as the place we met."

  • After the fire department showed up for the fire drill, Justin walked over to Megan and then one of the firefighters revealed a sign on the side of a fire truck that said, "Miss Z - Will you marry me? I love you, Justin." He got down on one knee and officially proposed. Of course, she said yes to the thrill of all the school children and staff.

  • To celebrate, Justin and the firefighters handed each student a ring, or more accurately, a ring pop.

  • It doesn't get much sweeter than that.

  • Once the engagement is on, or you're seriously dating, read and talk about these "5 topics to discuss before marriage" with your partner. It's important to know about each other and the goals and ideas your loved one has. There may be some compromising and things you disagree on, but discussing these beforehand can help start a marriage off in a healthy way.

  • Have you seen this clever proposal? Watch this "Epic Christmas photo turned marriage proposal" for another fun way to propose to your special someone.

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