Why you should give and accept compliments

Accepting and giving compliments everyday makes the low self-esteem go away!

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  • Has anyone ever shouted a compliment at you as they drove by? Did you laugh or take it more seriously?

  • Blake Grigsby does just that. With the use of a megaphone, he drives by random strangers and shouts compliments to them. The compliments consist of positive remarks about their physical features or their clothing. Some of the people react with confused expressions and some say, "Thank you." But, it probably brightened their day at least a little bit.

  • Do you give out compliments? How would you like the person you are giving the compliment to feel or react to what you tell them?

  • When you are given a compliment, do you accept it and believe it or do you shrug it off and ramble something that counteracts what you were told? We need to be more willing to believe the positive things people tell us about ourselves.

  • Imagine if you not only accepted compliments, but also thought of the meaning and significance behind the praise each time someone gave one to you. How could that change your self-confidence? Believing the good things people say about us can make us more confident and improve our self-esteem. If we can easily see the good in others, then others can easily see the good in us, too.

  • Don't just accept compliments — make sure you dole them out to others. Be sincere and get started today. It's especially important to praise your spouse. For some ideas to get you started, here are 10 ways to compliment your wife or your husband.

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