What if you had 5 extra years to live?

If you had 5 extra years to live, what would you do? Kids answer this question in the best way.

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  • What if you had five extra years to live?

  • In a compelling commercial, Nike asked children to answer this question. The answers ranged from humorous to profound.

    • "I would probably build a time machine."

    • "I would make medicine for the sick."

    • "I'd probably invent something new."

    • "I would win five championships."

    • "I would try to fix everything I did bad."

    • "I would bring my uncle back because I miss him very much."

    • "I would get more hamsters."

    • "I would probably go looking for dark matter."

    • "I think I'd go lookin' for aliens."

    • "I was thinking about making, like, a helicopter. Like a wooden helicopter but I don't have any wood."

    • "I wanna go check out the world sometime."

    • "I would probably teach my sister not to hate tuna."

    • "I would sing in front of a million people."

  • Though this was an ad for Nike with the scary thought that this generation is expected to live five years less than their parents due to lack of healthy habits, there is so much hope in their answers. Yes, our families need to exercise and make healthy choices, but there is a bigger message.

  • If you had five extra years to live to do something amazing, what's stopping you from doing it now?

  • Most of us probably still have at least five years left to live, yet we make excuses about why we can't instead of thinking about why we can. We don't give ourselves enough credit. How did we go from hopeful children with limitless dreams to adults so full of pessimism?

  • What do you want to do?

    • Write a book?

    • Do live theater?

    • Become a dancer?

    • Discover or invent something new?

    • Become a millionaire?

    • Travel the world?

  • We only live once, so don't squelch your dreams just because you think you can't. "Just do it."

  • For more about accomplishing goals, read "Don't just wish: 6 steps for making and achieving life goals" and these ways to reach personal and family goals.

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