Senior citizens perform epic 'happy dance'

Sixty senior citizens and staff at a retirement village show that happiness — and dances moves — only get better with age.

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  • How many of us are guilty of favoring one stage of life over another? For example, many parents are heard saying, "Enjoy the newborn stage and all of the cuddles! It was my favorite," or, "I loved when my children were learning to talk. It was the best stage."

  • Now, how many of us are guilty of wishing to be the people we were in the past? "If only I were 20 again and could eat without gaining weight ... I hate finding gray hairs and wrinkles ..."

  • It can be hard to experience the change of growing up. However, we should never dwell on the past or fail to enjoy each new stage of life. We should always live in the present! In this short video, dozens of senior citizens and staff at Diana Isaac Retirement Village show just how wonderful life is — even when you are old. These people may not be as agile and fast as they once were, but they show that you can still be happy, no matter your age.

  • Are you unhappy with your life? Click here for seven common beliefs that cause unhappiness, or read "10 ways you are ruining your own happiness" for some ideas on how to take control of your life and experience the joy you deserve.

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