Mirror, mirror on the wall: The lies we tell ourselves

What if the mirror told us our good traits rather than our flaws?

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  • Look in the mirror. What do you see?

  • Flaws or beauty?

  • Lies or reality?

  • What if someone was on the other side of the mirror looking at you and stating their first impressions?

  • Before you get creeped out thinking about someone staring at you through your mirror, consider what strangers may think of you when they first see you.

  • Buzzfeed invited people into a room to look in a mirror and state what they saw. Naturally, they started finding and listing their perceived flaws. Do I look fat? My face is too round. "I have donkey legs." One man doesn't think he looks manly while a woman is self-conscious about her dimples. You get the idea.

  • Meanwhile, strangers on the other side of the mirror were stating their first impressions of the participants.

  • The participants were invited to come back a week later and were able to watch the footage of the strangers' first impressions. In short, all the strangers' perceptions were pretty much the opposite of what the participants thought of themselves. The people were surprised and emotionally moved.

  • "The mirror lies. Don't trust the mirror." We are our own harshest critics. We tend to see our flaws while others see our good attributes. We need to be gentler with ourselves. "I am stuck in my body until I die, so what good is it going to do if I'm mean to myself?"

  • How we see ourselves may have a lot more to do with what's going on inside ourselves — thoughts, feelings or actions — than our actual appearance. Read these 10 ways to boost self-esteem. Help discover your true beauty by reading this article.

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