This family gets to hear their son's heartbeat one last time

A young man's decision to donate his organs saved many lives. One recipient meets the man's family in a moment that will make your heart skip a beat.

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  • You know that little box you can check when you're getting a driver's license? The one that determines whether or not you'll be an organ donor? For some, it can change everything. It can save lives.

  • The Heisler family knows this firsthand.

  • When Matt Heisler was 16 years old, he decided to be an organ donor. At 21, Matt was killed in a house fire while attending college. His heart was donated to a man, Tom, who had been waiting for a transplant.

  • Eight months after Matt passed away, his mom, dad and sister were able to embrace Matt's heart once again. It is a moment unlike any other when they meet Tom, embracing him and taking turns listening to Matt's heart from within Tom's chest.

  • Matt's act of selflessness not only allowed Tom to have more time with his wife and four grandkids, but he also helped 60 other people, donating his liver, kidneys and other organs.

  • Giving the gift of life through organ donation is an amazing way to be selfless. While some organs can only be given after death, others, such as kidneys, can be donated from living candidates.

  • While not everyone can give organs, we can all strive to love and serve others. Helping with medical bills by organizing fundraisers, doing small acts of service or seeking to ease another's burden are all things we can do.

  • Watch what one community did to grant the wish of a young girl dying from leukemia. For more inspiration on how to get your family involved in service, read "10 ways your family can serve others."

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