These kids' Christmas imaginations are about to come to life!

What would Christmas be like if kids were in control? Luckily for us, someone was brave enough to find out!

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  • Do you remember your childhood Christmas fantasies, hopes or expectations?

  • Children have active imaginations, especially when it comes to extra exciting events like Christmas. In this video, Soulpancake asks children from a Boys and Girls Club in Santa Clarita Valley to draw pictures of how they would like Christmas to be — what Christmas would look like if kids were in charge. Their responses are magical: a monkey on top of the Christmas tree, Santa with a blue beard, a rainbow with cotton candy clouds and red bananas hanging around the tree. Some children simply want snow to decorate the floor or to have Santa "photobomb" their pictures.

  • Soulpancake partnered with Lowe's to bring these ideas to life, and the results are fantastic. The children are overjoyed to see their drawings become a reality. It's every kid's dream, really — decorations akin to a cross between "Candy Land" and a "Winter Wonderland." What child (or adult, for that matter) wouldn't love it?

  • What do you do to make your children's holiday festivities magical?

  • To inspire imagination in your children, simply ask them how they would like to decorate or what they would like to eat. Let them help out any way they can. Perhaps allow your kids to make the holiday decorations or help prepare the meals.

  • For some other ideas on helping your children's imaginations grow, click here. If you are looking for some new and easy family traditions to begin this year, read "Fabulous family traditions."

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