Answers: Are you smarter than an 8 year old?

Did you solve these correctly? Check out the answers to see!
  • Did you solve correctly? Here are the answers

  • Count every 'F' in the following text

  • Frank finished filing stacks of letters after exchanging words of comfort to a friend in need.

  • How many did you count? There are 8. Most people count 6 because our brains don't immediately recognize the 'F' in the word "of". Tricky, eh?

  • George the doctor

  • Question: George the doctor is 5 feet tall but he can palm a basketball. What does George weigh? Answer: People. (Get it? He's a doctor!)

  • The blue house

  • Question: A little old woman lived in a tiny, blue, one-level house. She always wears a simple blue dress, opens her big blue curtains in the morning and sits on a blue sofa. When she needs to, she uses her blue vacuum to clean her blue carpet. What color are her stairs? Answer: She doesn't have stairs. It's a one-story house!

  • Here are a few more fun teasers for your brain! Most kids can get this right away. Can you solve this one?

  • How about this one? Can you solve it, too?

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