When you think you have nothing to give — still give

Two homeless men, one arm wrestling match and two winners? Learn a lesson in generosity from these kind homeless men.

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  • How generous are you? Do you find yourself justifying reasons why you can't help someone in need of your charity?

  • When a couple of guys from a prankster video offer two homeless men the chance to win $100, the homeless men readily agree. To win the money, they must arm wrestle each other in a winner-takes-all battle.

  • The surprising part comes after one man wins and the other loses. The winner gives the loser a $50 bill - splitting his win with the other homeless man. The loser tries to refuse, but the winner says, "Feed the needy, not the greedy." The men embrace.

  • The pranksters are touched by the generosity of the man who has nothing yet still shares his winnings. The pranksters then give each man another $100 so they can get some new clothes, eat or get a hotel room for the night.

  • How often do we think that we have nothing to give, yet we have so much compared to much of the world. We have so many worldly comforts and often, rather than helping others, we want more.

  • Giving doesn't even have to be monetary. It can be clothes that you no longer use or your children have outgrown. We can share food from our surplus or go without a little and give to food pantries. You can purchase an extra meal at a restaurant to share with someone in need.

  • Above all, you can give love. A hug, a smile or a kind word can go a long way for someone who needs to know that someone cares. We're all needy in that way from time to time.

  • "No matter how little you have, you can always find something to give."

  • For some more ideas on how to help those in need, watch what these college students did to help a homeless man and check out these 5 easy ways to help those less fortunate around the world.

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