Mean girls: How two women set out to stop 'girl-against-girl' bullying

Why do girls choose to lash out at each other? Girls bully each other every day. Two women have set out to help stop it.

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  • Girls can be pretty mean to each other. We're not just talking about high school aged girls, it starts as early as elementary school - girls bullying other girls for just about everything.

  • Why?

  • Perhaps it's because of personal insecurities, feeling intimidated or jealous because of another's strengths. It doesn't seem to matter how attractive, smart, funny, tall, short, or skinny a girl is, they still get bullied and still experience insecurities.

  • Two girls, Lauren and Molly, have embarked on a project to end this type of hate between girls. They traveled across the country to make a documentary, "Finding Kind," that captures personal and shocking stories from girls of all ages from different states about being bullied.

  • Lauren and Molly have taken their Kind Campaign into schools to teach girls about this "girl-against-girl" bullying with the goal to make this a national program. The project has helped girls become better friends and unite in kindness.

  • Talking about girl bullying has helped girls to see they are all on the same page - we all want to be loved and accepted, and we all have insecurities. "We're all in this together. Be kind."

  • Words do hurt, even if they are not true and especially if they are said repeatedly over time. Imagine being told these phrases repeatedly by your peers:

    • "You're too short. Midget!" or "You're too tall. Goliath/Green Giant!"

    • "Maybe you shouldn't eat lunch. You're fat."

    • "Your clothes are so last year."

    • "You don't deserve to live."

    • "Go drink bleach."

    • "Why don't you go kill yourself."

    • "You're such a loser."

    • "Why would anyone like you?"

  • These may seem like harsh statements - and they are - but they are phrases used to hurt another person daily. Even strong, confident girls from good homes with loving parents can start believing these terrible things over time. Sadly, some even take their own lives because of the constant bullying.

  • If we can teach our girls to be kind and to fight against bullying other girls, it can make all the difference in their lives and in the lives of other girls. One girl decided to spread positive post-it messages after severe online bullying, and it made a difference in her entire community. It doesn't take much to be kind, but it can make a huge difference.

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  • If you are worried that your child may be suicidal from bullying or other reasons, read this article on how to help.

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