When these brothers make a huge mess their dad loses all reason

Sometimes the hardest part of parenting is keeping a straight face.

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  • "What is funny?" asks one little boy with paint all over his face while his Dad tries to impress the seriousness of the mess he and his brother made — without laughing.

  • Every child at some point will make "the big mess." It's easy to lose your cool when that happens, but instead of throwing your own parent tantrum, take a deep breath and see the humor in the situation. Remember, making a mess is a sign your kids are using their minds to do their own thinking, imagining and problem solving. No one ever ruined the furniture simply watching TV.

  • Kids will be kids — and sometimes it's hilarious.

  • Here are 10 things kids do parents shouldn't lose their cool over.

  • Here are 4 discipline rules you should never break.

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Megan Wallgren is a freelance writer and mother of four energetic children.

Website: http://kinetickids.blogspot.com

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