This tenderhearted toddler will melt your heart

One little girl's compassion will inspire you. If only we were all this tender toward others.

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  • Do you have a tender and compassionate child?

  • An adorable toddler, Raegan, shows just how tender she is while watching "The Chipmunk Adventure" while in the car. Her parents noticed she was becoming emotional while watching a scene about a lost baby penguin and they decided to capture the moment. As the Chipettes sing "My Mother" and the story unfolds, this sweet toddler tears up as she connects with the characters, sympathizing with their plight.

  • As you watch her emotional display throughout the video clip, it is obvious that she not only understands what is going on but that she is compassionate beyond her years. It's hard not to join in her tenderhearted tears — the moment's sweetness is just too much!

  • Being compassionate is among the "5 values we must teach our children." Being compassionate involves showing empathy, love, kindness and selflessness toward others. If there were more compassion in the world, the world would be a much more peaceful place to live.

  • Showing compassion can be learned if you or your child are not naturally compassionate or if you want to increase your compassion toward others. The world needs more tender, loving, kind and empathetic people.

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