If you could add any holiday to the world, what would it be?

Have you ever wanted to add some celebrations to your calendar? How about a new holiday?

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  • Holidays are times that we celebrate events or other joyous occasions. Most are cultural, religious or patriotic. We celebrate Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Mother's and Father's Day, Kwanza, Hanukkah or Valentine's Day. These each have special meanings and traditions. Perhaps most importantly, holidays are opportunities for family togetherness.

  • But, are we missing some holidays that are worth celebrating? Days that might bring out the best in people? What holiday would you add to the calendar?

  • "Soulpancake" recently asked people on the street "What holiday is the world missing?" The answers are inspiring. Many of the ideas involve bonding more with those around us while some were just plain fun. Some suggestions are:

    • Love your neighbor day

    • Hug day

    • High-five day

    • Talk to a stranger day

    • No parallel parking day

    • Pet day

    • National park/no device day

    • Celebrate life day

  • What day do you think would be worth celebrating?

  • Holidays often unify us as a people and bring us together to celebrate something good or important. We create traditions and make lasting memories. Themed parades, fireworks, community activities, delicious food and special decorations are just some of the festivities that we enjoy.

  • What are some of your family's favorite holidays and traditions? How do you make the day special?

  • For some more ideas, read "4 ways to establish family traditions." And, since food is often an important part of family gatherings, read "Traditions, food and fun: How to make mouth-watering memories."

  • We don't need to stick with calendar holidays. Create your own special days in your family. Let the kids help decide on a date, event or something important to your family to recognize and celebrate. It could be a new tradition and will definitely create lasting happy memories.

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